Fantasy Hockey: Week One Predictions

Fantasy Hockey Predictions 2021/2022 Season

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to fantasy hockey predictions with myself Chris Jones. Each week I will be giving you my fantasy hockey predictions of the week. Every Tuesday and Thursday starting next week, I will be putting out my daily fantasy lineups that I am using in draft kings and/or fan duel. I will discuss what the week looks like for hockey as a whole. Also on Mondays, I will have five players that you should pick up via free agency. Updates on injuries, goaltenders losing their starting role, etc. We at Couch Guy Sports will have you covered for the entire season. With that being said here are my fantasy hockey predictions for week number one.

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For a chart for this week’s list of games, click here! Now, it is time to give you my predictions for week number one.

Cole Caufield finishes top five at his position this week

We saw the rise of Cole Caufield during the postseason last year. Caufield is a talented young prospect that is going to do wonders with this Montreal team. He is a winger on the top line along side Nick Suzuki who just got a contract extension and Tyler Toffoli. Caufield had twelve points during Montreal’s run to the Stanley Cup Final. This week the twenty year old has three games that he will play in, but in those three games he has only played against one of those teams.

He had two goals in the four games he played against Toronto in the post season including a game winning over time goal. Buffalo’s defense is sloppy so he should be able to have a solid day against them. As for the Rangers, he might struggle but at the end of the day he could easily get a point on the board. Look for Caufield to light up the scoreboard this week in finish ranked in the top five for his position this week.

Mitch Marner Will Score The Most Fantasy Points This Week

Mitch Marner is in a good spot this week in my opinion. Toronto plays three games one at home vs Montreal, then they have a home and home against the Ottawa Senators. Looking at Marner’s career he has dominated against both clubs he is playing against this week. In 24 games against Montreal, Marner has 23 points (4 goals and 19 assists) in those games. Against Ottawa we have seen Mitch put up 30 points (Nine goals and 21 assists) in almost as many games played that is also over a point a game as well. Those are solid numbers against opponents and it makes me believe that he is going to have a monster start to the season. Three games that he is playing this week, expect him to dominate and be the number one fantasy hockey producer in week number one.

Connor McDavid Starts Off Slow This Week

Connor McDavid is a first overall selection in any fantasy hockey league. So we should expect to see him produce at a high level game after game. This week though I see him struggling in his two games. Edmonton takes on Vancouver and Calgary this week at home. McDavid’s numbers against both teams are phenomenal as he averages over a point a game against his fellow rivals. However, I think Edmonton is going to struggle to start the season and McDavid is going to have a big slump this week. I see McDavid getting a goal and an assist in two games, which if you know how good McDavid is isn’t a lot production wise.

Philipp Grubauer Will Be The Number One Fantasy Goaltender This Week

Philipp Grubauer is the number one goaltender for the Seattle Kraken. Seattle plays three games this week and I strongly believe that Grubauer will start all three of these games. They are on the road for all three matchups this week. Tonight they are at Vegas, then they go to Nashville, and then they finish their week at Columbus. I think we will see Grubauer get two wins in three games this week. We will also see him give up no more than three goals this week. Look for Seattle to be a solid team this week and for their number one netminder to be the number one goalie in fantasy hockey.

Jack Hughes Looks Sharp In His One Game

Jack Hughes is a young talented center that will break out in his third year with the Devils. Hughes struggled his first two seasons, but I do see an uptick in his numbers this year. I expect Hughes to be a focal point for the Devils and he looks like he will be their top line center. He also looks like he will be apart of the first power play unit and if that is the case he will be of tremendous use this week. New Jersey only has one game this week and that is at home against Chicago. I think Hughes has a fantastic game and it trends him in the right direction for this season.

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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212 On Twitter)

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