Fantasy Football: Week 2 Studs and Duds

The best feeling when playing fantasy football, is that satisfaction you get from beating someone who was talking trash.  This year a guy in one of my leagues was talking about how good his team was and bad mine was.  Well I’m not someone to talk trash back, I let my team do the talking.   I played him this week and my team did just that, it was 152-102.  Better luck next time bud.  That being said I hope everyone won this week and beats their league’s trash talker this season.  If you’re the league’s trash talker, you better have the team to back it up!

This week my Studs and Duds piece is going to focus more on players that stood out, and if available in your league, you should pick up or try to trade for.  On the other hand, the Duds side will focus on players that you might want to try to trade away or just entirely drop if they aren’t an important piece on your team.


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Written By:  Jon Tetreault (@JonTetreault13)

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