Fantasy Football: Time to Panic on Vikings Wide Receivers

Recently there has been a lot of noise surrounding the Minnesota Vikings. You have wide receiver Adam Thielen complaining about the lack of a passing offense; that produced an apology from his quarterback Kirk Cousins. Then there is Stefon Diggs messing around on social media. Despite these issues, the Vikings have still managed to win two games on the back of a running attack that has shown why former Florida State Seminole Dalvin Cook is one of the best backs in the league.

Still, Minnesota appears to be on the edge of imploding offensively due to the fact that they are only throwing the ball 45% of the time. They paid Cousins, Thielen and Diggs a lot of money to play for the team, but they are not getting a chance to perform consistently with head coach Mike Zimmer leaning on the run. That is why, when it comes to fantasy football, you should start to panic in regards to the two stud receivers.

Like I mentioned Mike Zimmer likes to lean on the run. If the Vikings (who are a good team) ever grab a lead, Zimmer is going to run the football and bet on his defense to close out the game (Ex. Cousins throwing the ball 11 times in a week 1 victory). To me that means both Thielen and Diggs have become somewhat game script dependent, even if the squeaky wheel that is Thielen gets the grease this week.

I am not saying that if the Vikings are winning that the two will put up goose eggs in your lineup, but the volume will never be there for Thielen and Diggs to be the top 10 PPR guys that they were last year.

The suggestion from me would be to try and sell both. Diggs is coming off a 100+ yard game and Thielen started the year with three double digit games. It may not be your favorite to get rid of guys you drafted so early in your fantasy draft, but you have to adjust as the year goes on if you want to win your league.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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