3 Teams who could make the College Football Playoffs

College football has been awesome this year, and it will only get better with October and November games coming.  What sucks is that only 4 teams can make the playoffs, and I think this is something that will be changing in the near future.  It should be 8 teams and from that we’ll get some really good games.  However, what three teams have the best odds at making the playoffs besides the current top 4 right now?


I think LSU has the best chance to make the playoffs as a one loss team.  If they lose to Alabama, which will be an awesome game, and they keep it close then I can’t see why LSU can’t sneak into the dance.  Granted it’s tough to have 2 SEC let alone 3 SEC teams in the playoffs because one of those 3 would have two losses.  However, right now Joe Borrow is the best QB in the country and is built like an NFL stud.  All he does is sling the ball and that’s the beauty of college football: watching a kid throw 60 times for 500 yards.  LSU’s defense has also been really good this year.  They stopped a Texas team who was marching down the field for a win, and then other than that, they haven’t played anyone else.  But look out for LSU, I think they have a legit shot at beating Alabama and if they do I think they are 100% in even if they don’t win the SEC.  A lot rides on the game in November, hopefully they both can stay undefeated.


I absolutely love the Badgers this year.  They have a fantastic defense, solid QB, and an elite running-back.  They already put a smacking on Michigan, and will take on Michigan State in a few weeks.  And then it’s for the big match up with OSU.  I think if Wisconsin can beat OSU and then win the Big-10, who I think they would play OSU again?? Maybe I’m wrong? I don’t know.  But anyway if they beat OSU and then win the Big-10 its a lock for Wisconsin to be in the Playoffs.  Even if they lose to OSU, they still can redeem themselves and win the Big-10 and even with that they could very well be a 1 loss team making it.


I think these three teams are all in the same boat and are behind LSU and Wisconsin as well.  I say that because look, ND and Texas have losses to really really really good teams in Georgia and LSU, and this might sound weird but I’d rather take a one loss team like ND and Texas over say Oklahoma who could go undefeated only because who the hell does OU play?  Now I know everyone is going to saw “well John, Texas and OU play each other so Texas could have two losses” yea cool, but I’m talking about right now.  If Oklahoma does loss to Texas again, then they will 100% be out of it.  That’s why I think these three teams are in the same boat.


John McCormack (Uncle_mac4)

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