FA Cup Final Today!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back with more #SoccerSaturdays!

The FA Cup final is taking place today and it is set to be quite the showdown at Wembley Stadium.

The Showdown

As I’ve mentioned, this match is set to be quite a showdown!

These two coaches are both in their first year of coaching and hungrily seeking to validate their managerial careers.

Both of these coaches have a strong affiliation with the competition having won it as players previously. Frank Lampard won it 4 times, while Arteta won it twice.

A match between Arsenal and Chelsea is one you definitely don’t want to miss as both teams are explosive and hungry for a title! I mean just take a look at the game faces of the two coaches!

Chelsea Vs. Arsenal 2020

These two teams have quite a lot riding on their shoulders today, and like I have said before, this match is set to be explosive.

Chelsea can purely focus on the football part of things and focus on enjoying an opportunity to winning a trophy. Why? Well, they have already qualified for the UEFA Championship League competition and ended in a very good note their Premier League run this year at 4th place behind Manchester United.

Chelsea also benefited from a transfer with Arsenal. Chelsea received Olivier Giroud and Arsenal received Brazilian defender, David Luiz.

Giroud is basically back to haunt Arsenal and this will definitely be in the center of attention for today’s match.

Meanwhile, Arsenal is in the needs of winning a title this season after having a tumultuous year looking for a new coach in Mikel Arteta

Unai Emery came in as a replacement for long-time boss, Arsene Wenger and let’s just say the season was terrible enough for Arsenal to part ways with Emery.

When Arteta arrived as a coach to Arsenal, he flat out dismissed the 2019 season as irrelevant and so this is the year when he will certainly hope that proves to be the case this weekend.

Let’s also add the factor of David Luiz transferring to Arsenal after becoming a secondary choice for Lampard’s Chelsea defense.

In Conclusion!

Both teams have announced their lineups and they are going in all or nothing! Take a look below:

Team news       Chelsea line up

While the betting odds so far are in Chelsea’s favor. I am going to go out on a limp and predict that the Gunners (Arsenal), will win this today.

Having seen Arteta before as a player and seeing his competitive spirit, it will not come to me as a surprise if Arsenal puts out quite the stunning performance for the FA Cup Final today.

Good luck to both teams and coaches on what has been a very trying year!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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