Everton Search For New Manager Begins!

Everton’s search for a new manager begins shortly after the sacking of Rafa Benitez over the weekend.

The move to sack Rafa Benitez came at a tough time for the Toffees as their season has been unsuccessful following a record of 5-4-10 through 19 games in the English Premier League. The club announced Benitez’ sacking on social media this past weekend. Take a look!

A New Manager Search Begins!

So now, the search for a new manager begins and there are quiet a few names that could be heavily linked to take over the responsibilities.

For starters though, it is important to note that for Everton, finding a manager immediately is extremely essential as they risk the potential to relegate. Everton is currently in the 16th position and struggling to move up and away from their current standing.

With that in mind, what are some names that could lead this club? Allow me to share my top five candidates for the job with you.

Immediate Candidates For Everton’s Management Role.

Wayne Rooney – Derby County Manager

Everton: Wayne Rooney 'lined up for return as MANAGER if Goodison chiefs  dump Rafa Benitez' | Daily Mail Online

(Image credit to Dailymail.co.uk)

Wayne Rooney has emerged as a strong candidate for the job at Everton and rightfully so.

The former Everton academy development and superstar who’s debut in August 2022 started a legendary career has truly impressed under extremely difficult circumstances in his current job at Derby County as manager. Rooney, who also spent the 2017/2018 season at Goodison Park is a highly respected figure at the club and his tactics could bring a new beginning to the club, which badly needs it.

Wayne oozes the identity this club highly needs at the moment. At 36 years of age, he could be the inspiration this club needs and with the intensity he played, lives and breathes the game, this could be a strong solution for Everton in an effort to avoid relegation.

Frank Lampard – Ex Chelsea Manager

Another very solid option for Everton to hire.

Frank Lampard was successful with Chelsea in his first year as manager of the club. Unfortunately, after a two month drop in performance from the players, Chelsea decided to move on from their club legend. While after his sacking, Lampard confirmed he had received numerous offers, he also mentioned he wanted to wait for the right opportunity.

Could a move to the Merseyside be the right opportunity? After all, it was just a few weeks ago that Lampard mentioned being keen to returning to work. However, if Lampard does pick up the job, Everton has got to be ready financially as he will want to make whatever moves necessary to get this club back up and running in all cylinders. Lampard has a very competitive mindset, and he will not go down swinging without putting up a strong fight.

Duncan Ferguson – Everton Legend

The 50-year old Scottish has been put in charge temporarily after the sacking of Rafa Benitez. Leading the ownership to find Everton a new manager.

However, Evertonians seem to be keen on wanting Ferguson to stay and for the right reasons. For starters, Ferguson is Everton through and through and would surely be someone who would relish the opportunity bringing his passion and intensity along with him to the club.

Secondly, this is a guy who is a performer in every level possible. We saw that from his own playing career! The only concern though is, this is a guy who has turned 50 and has no experience in a senior post. Will that be something that the ownership at Everton want to take a risk with?

Other Alternatives For The Job!

Roberto Martinez – Current Belgium National Team Manager

Roberto Martinez tipped for Everton return as Rafa Benitez's replacement -  Football Espana

(Image credit to Football-espana.net)

Martinez is currently the front runner for the job at Everton after having had a successful spell with Everton from 2013-2016.

However, there are some concerns with making the move. Currently, Martinez has managed the Belgian National Team who ranked #1 in the current FIFA world ranking ahead of Brazil and France. In order to get Martinez out of the Belgian national team, the offer has got to be incredibly tempting.

Secondly, Martinez was the rumored option immediately after Carlo Ancelotti left Everton. However, owner Farhad Moshiri opted to go with Rafael Benitez, a move that clearly backfired. The now 48 year old was incredibly successful at Everton before 2016, when the club decided to sack him. He led Everton to the Europa League, managed to get them to 5th place in the Premier League, one of their best ever records as a club. While Martinez has strong feelings towards Everton, it is really all up to the owner and that could make this move a very unlikely scenario unfortunately.

Jesse Marsch – Ex RB Leipzig Manager

I would absolutely love to see Jesse Marsch be given a chance to lead this club and turn it around.

Marsch was wrongfully fired after barely four months of leading RB Leipzig even though he was given a contract for a 2-year tenure. If there is a guy who would want to be back in management, Marsch should be the Everton new manager.

The American would bring a new approach for Everton and alongside of the passion that Duncan Ferguson offers, the two would be an absolute dynamic duo. If Moshiri truly wants to make up for his mistake with the fans, Marsch would be the immediate solution as fans would welcome this new style that Marsch offers.

Final Thoughts…

Currently, it is a perfect time for Everton to be in the race looking for a new manager.

There are a variety of names available including others like Nuno Espirito Santo, Marcel Brands and even Genaro Gattuso. However, this decision will dictate the future for the club. Hence the severity and intensity behind fans asking for answers and quickly from an ownership that has managed to let the club down, manager after manager.

It will be important to see how this story unfolds. For more updates on this, make sure to follow the Yellow Card Podcast. Our soccer podcast on the network.

(Featured image credit to Mirror.co.uk)

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