Episode 6: Trade Talks

Welcome to Trade Szn folks. Heading into week 4 your team is either really good, and fielding all sorts of trade offers. Or your team sucks and you’re looking for a quick fix.

This episode is the reason Steve Scott is on this show. The dude is a trade master. It it weren’t for trades, Steve might be the worst fantasy player of all time.

While he might not be giving you his tips for master manipulation and telling how to make people bend to your will, he is here to tell you who he likes in trades, who he is buying low or selling high on and what kind of price some injured big names should get you.


We open up this week’s episode with a little bit of fun. Naming classic stereotypes that you find in any fantasy league you are in. From the person who claims their record is just a result of bad luck, to the one who cries injuries despite his team being actually sort of healthy.

Don’t forget about those waiver wire warriors or the auto drafters who are now in first place either.

Who Does Steve Like

Steve admitted that on the day of recording this, he sent out probably 15-20 trade offers among his different leagues. So who exactly is he trying to get? A good honest days work for Steve isn’t complete until he’s sent out a multitude of trade offers.

So who does the master trade artist have in his sights right now?

Buy Low/Sell High

By now there are plenty of big names that are struggling and some relative no names that are excelling. So which of these should you be trying to buy low or sell high on?

Like running backs James Robinson and Darrell Henderson, should you be trying to sell them now while the price is high? Or what about players like TY Hilton or Hollywood Brown? Should you be trying to add these guys right now since they’re at a cheaper cost?

Injured Stars

While someone like Saquon Barkley is not coming back this season, Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey certainly are. So what is a fair trade offer for super star players like them?

Don’t forget the type of league that you play in certainly plays a role as they are a much higher value in keeper/dynasty leagues than yearly re-draft ones.

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