English Premier League Weekend Full of Action!

Were you wondering where the #SoccerSaturday article went for this week?

The weekend for week 23 of the English premier league was a loaded gun. I wouldn’t be doing this right if I missed the action that took place on both days, so I figured to provide a load-down for you all. Let’s get into the action!

Premier League Action- Saturday!

The premier league brought us on Saturday one of the best games for this week in Manchester United vs. Everton! If you follow the Yellow Card Podcast, which I recommend you do, then you saw we were live on Twitch! Oh yes, Couch Guy Sports has their own Twitch Channel and my cohost Andrew and I went head-to-head on this stream.

Besides a very lively stream on Twitch. What an absolutely beautiful game provided by both sides, right?! At first, United came off hot in the first half and were handing Everton a 2-0 loss. Everton in the first half looked sluggish and the midfield game was simply not clicking and connecting like it can, especially when you have a lethal player like James Rodriguez and Andre Gomes in your lineup.

Then, the second half came and Everton unleashed whatever demons they had. In less than 6 minutes, Everton came into the second half and put themselves back in the game after goals by Doucoure and Rodriguez. The Toffees managed to put United on notice and to shut them down quickly, it was up until the 70th minute though that the game would stay tie. A header by Scotty McTominay put the game ahead in favor of the Red Devils 3-2.

Everton showed their true grit though and showed that the game is played until the very last whistle is blown! Dominic Calvert-Lewin nudged in a loose ball in the box at the last minute after a gorgeous cross and tied the game for Everton 3-3. Exactly the type of high-tempo and energy expected out of these two excellent clubs.

Other scores around the league on Saturday were as follows:

  • Aston Villa vs. Arsenal: 1-0 victory for Villa.
  • Burnley and Brighton tied at 1.
  • Newcastle vs. Southampton: 3-2 Newcastle victory.
  • Fulham vs. West Ham: 0-0.

Sunday Clash of The Titans!

The match that all across the league we’re waiting for. Oh yes! A top class match between Liverpool and Manchester City.

Liverpool in 4th place coming back to Anfield stadium after a shocking loss to Brighton at home 1-0. For Liverpool, this was a must-win or tie match considering the talent they were facing but also the talent Liverpool possesses in their lineup. Then there is the City side, boy did they come ready to deliver a clear-message. The message being that they are here to win the Premier League one way or another.

Manchester City proved just that after a dominating fashion victory performance put together today. Many thought that by not having Kevin DeBruyne, out due to injury in this game, that it would result poorly for City. Yikes, were those many wrong!

City delivered a huge loss for Liverpool at home. For Liverpool side, this represents them being the first side to lose 3-straight home games in the following season after having won a title previously since Chelsea did the same about 65 years ago or so.

The first half of this game was equal for both sides at 0, and showed exactly why these two teams are so similar. However, for the second half, Guardiola’s boys had a different story to tell by peeling away that band-aid and delivering a mean knockout blow to Liverpool. Granted, it didn’t help at all the lackluster performance by Allison Becker in net and the poor defensive choices made by Liverpool.

Race to the Top!

The race to the top continues to stay somewhat close, even though with the victory aforementioned by City, their lead grows by 5 points. Behind City, there is a Manchester United side whose defensive struggles continue to be a problem, but with a 5 point lead by City, it is possible United could still have a chance here. There is 15 weeks left in this tournament after all.

Besides United and City, Leicester is in 3rd place trailing by 7 points to the first place. Then there is Liverpool trailing by 10 to City and then West Ham by 11 points to City.

Week 24 will bring a very exciting week as well for the English premier League! So, if you aren’t doing so yet. Please go give the Yellow Card Podcast a follow on Twitter @Podcastcard as they will continue to deliver news and updates thru their weekly episodes on the English premier League. Also, tune in every Saturday or Sunday for live commentary on the most exciting match of that week by the podcast as well.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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