Dwayne Haskins is set up to fail in the NFL

Yesterday afternoon, the Washington Redskins lost to the New York Jets by a final score of 34-17. This dropped their record to a very unimpressive 1-9.

There really hasn’t been a silver lining all season for Washington. Fans had to deal with the Trent Williams situtation, a torn meniscus to supposed workhorse running back Derrius Guice after he missed all last season, and the firing of their head coach Jay Gruden.

Even with all that negativity surrounding the team, there was excitement when it came to watching their 2019 first round pick: quarterback Dwayne Haskins. But due to the instability of the franchise, Haskins is set up for failure in the NFL.

I already mentioned all of the nonsense that has gone on with Washington this season, but this isn’t the first time Washington has been filled with turmoil. Their owner Dan Snyder has been horrendous since buying the team in 1999, and it has continued as we have seen. This is huge part of the reasoning behind why I think Haskins is already on a trajectory for failure.

It has been mentioned over and over how Dwayne Haskins “isn’t ready” to be a quarterback in the NFL, but how is he supposed to succeed when he has the support of a poorly run franchise? With a bad front office, the negativity trickles down all the way to the field. You can see that in the viral video of Haskins trying to talk to his offensive line.


And yes I am defending Haskins but he also hasn’t played well either. And when is the last time that a quarterback has performed poorly in his first season and gone on to become a stud? Patrick Mahomes was great since his first NFL game just like Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, etc.

The only comparable guy to Haskins I can think of is Jared Goff; another first round pick that played terrible his first season. The only difference is that Goff started to turn it around when Sean McVay became the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. And now that people have figured McVay out, Goff looks like a shell of the guy that performed well over the past two years.

So with Haskins “not being ready” still and a terrible culture surrounding him, he is set up to fail in this league. Maybe the ‘Skins can get a guy like McVay to come in and develop him as a quarterback, but do you trust this ownership group to do so? I sure don’t.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)


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