Drama in the Bay Area: Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Are Beefing

The best league in sports continues to churn out content for me to blog about. Thank you, NBA.

Monday night, with the game on the line against the LA Clippers, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green made a bone-headed decision by attempting to take the game’s final shot. Instead, he turned the ball over, resulting in overtime, where the Warriors lost:

To break that play down simply, Green is a moron for what he did. If you’re arguably the second worst offensive player on the court in this scenario, why are you going for the last shot? ESPECIALLY when the best basketball player on the planet is practically on his hands and knees begging you for the ball. KD is the best player on this team. I don’t care what his numbers look like on that night, you’ve got to give him the ball in that situation. If Green just did that, none of this would be happening. Instead, we’re now left with this:

And this:

To make matters worse for the reigning champs, their beef carried over into the locker room, where Green took shots at KD regarding his upcoming free agency. One un-named player, who’s been around since the Warriors championship reign began, described the situation as “one of the most intense and volatile scenes” since this group got together. Shout out to Woj for getting that scoop.

I don’t think this situation will slow down GS’s championship efforts by any means this season. However, I do think it’ll play a role in KD’s upcoming free agency. I’ve said on here before that I think Durant would be a fool to leave Golden State. Getting to live in California and win championships every season without much of a challenge sounds like a pretty good deal to me. But KD is different. In recent weeks, I’ve started to lean towards the possibility of him electing to sign elsewhere. I feel like, given the kind of guy he is, Durant wants to prove to all of us that he can win without those guys. This situation with Draymond will only add another layer to what might now be an easy decision for KD this Summer.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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