Don’t Look To Much Into Summer League

Do not look too much into the Summer League. I am also excited about Jayson Tatum and other future NBA players from other teams (Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Fox, ect…), but it is just Summer League. Some of the competition they are going against have never even sniffed and NBA court. I’m not trying to bash on these players, just trying to put it in a better perspective. 

Tatum will turn out to be a decent player this year, but do not expect him to come out guns blazing. He may not even get minutes the first half of the season. His turnaround jumpshot is wet from almost any point on the floor, but I want to see that be done against elite NBA defenders. We had the same dilemma with Smart after we drafted him. We thought he would be this great NBA player, but he is still developing. I have no problem with this since he is only 23. You have to realize that developing a player takes time, no matter how great they were in college. Developing Tatum will take more time especially because the team he was drafted to was the number on team in the East a season ago. If he was drafted to the 76ers, Suns, or Nets, he would have a chance to be Rookie Of The Year. I really can not wait for him to get some minutes against NBA talent, and hopefully he lives up to the hype. The talent is there, we just need to see what he can do against the big dogs.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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