Don’t Let The Sox Get Hot

It is officially opening day for the Red Sox. BASEBALL IS BACK! Let’s go!!!! Sixty games or not, I am fired up! I’ll take any form of baseball. 16 team playoffs? Inject it straight into my veins!! America’s past time is back. You can take your “it’s a boring sport” or “it’s a dying sport” and shove it. Baseball is an awesome sport, and if you don’t like it, lacrosse is a sport for a reason. Anyways, enough of my spaz attack rant, back to the real point of this blog. Do not, and I can’t stress this next part enough, let the Sox get hot. If the rest of the league knows what is good for them, they will capitalize on the chance to bury the Sox before they even have a chance to move.

Why So Much Confidence?

Easy question, we open with a three-game series against the Orioles. They STINK! Following that, we have a four-game series with the Mets, very average team, would even put them on par with the Sox. After that, a three-game series with the Evil Empire, New York Yankees. So to put this in perspective, the first seven games are very winnable. The Sox can go 7-0. Now, do I think that will happen? No, but the point is they have that ability to, that’s how easy their first week of the schedule is/could be.

Play This Out And My Prediction

Again, the first seven games are realistically winnable. For this, though, I’ll look at the first ten games. The Sox need to sweep the Orioles, bottom line. So, let’s say they sweep the orioles, then go in and split the series with the Mets. All of a sudden, they are 5-2. Now you might be saying, “so what is so good about that?” Well, in a 60 game series, the first two weeks of the season are HUGE! Now, we are rolling into the Bronx. Not thrilled, but it is what it is. Now, if we steal a game or two from the Yanks, we are still above the .500 mark. That is massive. At that point, we still have nine games against the Orioles and the Miami Marlins. IF we take care of business against these dumpster fires of teams, as we should, now we are at 15 wins. Again, so what the other teams play them as well. You are right. My point is tho; I don’t buy the hype of the Blue Jays just yet. The Rays are a legit team if they score runs. To me, that is a big if. Go .500 at worst against those two teams. Now your win total is up to 25. See where I am going with this?  That leaves five more wins throughout the year that you need to “steal” from the Nationals, Phillies, Yankees, or Braves. Tough task, but don’t think its much to ask for at all and with our offense, very do-able.


Do not let the Sox get hot. I am warning you now, don’t let it happen. With a 16 team playoff, I think if the Red Sox stay over the .500 mark, they make the playoffs. Yes, our rotation is in rough shape, but I’m running with the potential we have. Eovaldi has shown he can get very hot and go on a nice run. If he does this, along with Martin Perez gets back on the horse, we could be cooking with gas now. Both these guys are making 10-12 starts. Hopefully, E-Rod gets healthy and can be the shot in the arm we may need in a month or so. My prediction, the Red Sox go 35-25 and sneak into the playoffs. Go Sox!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 



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