Dogecoin to fly into orbit with a Super Bowl commercial?

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Today is the big day, the National Football League’s biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl will kickoff tonight. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will play host to the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

While the world has their collective eyes on the game, they will be also watching Super Bowl commercials. If companies had an extra $5.6 million lying around, they could have a spot during the game.

There is one commercial that is being rumored to air during the game and if it does it will send Twitter into orbit. Will a company or even Elon Musk pay for a Dogecoin commercial and send the cryptocurrency to the moon?

Image / Wall Street Journal

Dogecoin has surged into popularity recently thanks to the Robinhood app, the controversy over GameStop and due to Elon Musk tweeting about the cryptocurrency.

#Dogecoin Super Bowl Ad?

There has been videos posted on YouTube and tweeted all over Twitter in the last few days. The YouTube video posted below is about 1:30 seconds, which is longer than a traditional Super Bowl ad.

The likelihood that an actual Dogecoin ad will air is highly unlikely, but if Musk is involved, anything is possible. A group of investors on Reddit want to see if the cryptocurrency can hit $1. If investors want to see Dogecoin soar, a Super Bowl ad will be a the fuel the rocket ship needs to soar into orbit.

Robinhood Super Bowl Ad

The financial trading app Robinhood will have a commercial air during the game. Booked back in December, the trading app’s commercial is about how everyone can be an investor.

The Robinhood ad feels more like damage control due to the fall out from GameStop and AMC. In the ad the narrator says,”You don’t need to become an investor,” “You were born one.”

While the commercial isn’t going to make people who are angry with the trading app feel better about their actions. It will keep the trading app in the news and with the hype and frenzy over #Dogecoin, people will still flock to their app.

Fate loves irony

When Musk tweets, people eat it up and retweet. Furthermore, when Musk tweets about Dogecoin, investors go giddy and flock to the Robinhood app and spend money on the cryptocurrency.

The Tesla chief, Musk, was interviewed on the street by TMZ and was asked about the future of the cryptocurrency. He thinks the cryptocurrency should be “the will of the people.”

He also advises people to not spend their life savings into cryptocurrency. Musk talks about how Dogecoin was created as a joke and says, “fate loves irony,” and adds, “that the currency that was invented as a joke, in fact becomes the real currency.”


Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons took to Twitter and told the world he invested “six figures” into Dogecoin. The DogeArmy believes in the growth of the joke cryptocurrency.

The Closing Bell

Chaos is fun, if a Dogecoin Super Bowl ad truly airs during the game, the DogeArmy will lose all self control. There is the old saying, carpe diem or seize the day, investors seem to be following that mantra. Let the chaos ensue.

To the moon.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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