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Dogecoin Army in a frenzy after Elon Musk tweets, “No highs, no lows, only Doge”

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Elon Musk tweets and investors go wild. Late last night, Musk began to tweet about DogeCoin once again and the stock is beginning to soar. Doge surged more than 50% on Thursday morning and the fake currency reached $0.059 per coin.

The Tesla Inc. chief executive has helped drive rallies in GameStop Corp. and bitcoin. He is now focused on rallying the “DogeCoin Army” into investing heavily into the cryptocurrency.

Musk tweeted several tweets about the cryptocurrency hyping it back up. The DogeCoin Army has taken notice and they are dumping more money into the Doge in their attempts to take it to the moon. 

DogeCoin to Mars?

There has been conversation circulating on Reddit and Twitter that the DogeArmy is looking to pump up the cryptocurrency at 9pm tonight.

The DogeCoin Army has been anxiously been awaiting for the next tweet mentioning the cryptocurrency. They finally got their wish in the wee hours of the night. 

Since his tweets, DogeCoin is up over 80% and has the potential to climb throughout the day.

Courtesy of Gizmodo.com

Robinhood App

According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, the Robinhood app has ended restrictions that impacted how quickly users could buy cryptocurrencies. Last week Robinhood began to restrict users who would instantly deposit and buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and DogeCoin.

The app temporarily suspended trading of certain stocks last week that drew the ire of its users and one mainstream investor, Dave Portnoy. The Barstool Sports founder would take to his personal page and comment on the Robinhood app changes. Portnoy said on Tuesday that he had lost about $700,000 on “meme stocks” like GameStop.

Courtesy of Dave Portnoy / Twitter

The Closing Bell

Chaos is fun, last week the GameStop fury was chaos and Robinhood tried to take back the control. This week, Musk has ended his Twitter silence to potentially rally the DogeCoin Army and create more Wall Street chaos.

One thing is for certain, when Musk tweets, people read it and retweet it. In the case of DogeCoin, the DogeArmy is reacting and reacting strongly. As investors look to take the cryptocurrency to “the moon”, it will be interesting to see how this cryptocurrency actually performers in the long term. 

Musk has been tweeting some interesting tweets since early Thursday. “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” which Physicist Robert Oppenheimer quoted. It was originally from the Bhagavad Gita, when the first atomic bomb was successfully detonated.

Let the chaos ensue.

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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