Do The Patriots Have A Plan?

Yesterday, the New England Patriots put an absolute beat down on the LA Chargers in one of the most lopsided Pats’ wins I can remember.  They also did it in a very unusual way.  Cam Newton only had 69 passing yards for one TD and had 48 yard rushing for 2 TDs.  But the star of the show was Gunner Olszewski and the Pats’ Special Teams.  Gunner finished the game with 38 yards for a TD and 145 yard in returns with a TD.  So overall the offense was rolling and the defense held rookie of the year Justin Herbert to 209 yards and two picks.

But, despite the 45-0 win, do the Patriots have a plan?  As of right now, they are in tenth place in the AFC which is three spots back from a playoff spot.  This year, due to COVID, seven teams make it instead of six.  But the bad part is that the Patriots don’t control their own destiny.  Which as a Pats fan who has been spoiled their whole life, it’s hard to hear that.  But they can still sneak in!  They would need the Raiders and the Colts to start losing.  Right now, the Colts hold the last spot and the Raiders are only a game back from them.  I would love to see us hurdle over the Ravens, but I think the NFL will sneak them in.

As for the Pats, their last four games are tough… You kick it off with at LA Rams, then at Miami (who’s hot), and then home against the Bills and Jets to end the year.  I personally think they will go 1-3 with their one win coming against the Jets.  Which would knock them out of the playoffs and leave them with a 7-9 record.  Which means they would be stuck with a mid-round pick and not a top 10.

This is honestly the worst case scenario but it’s looking like it’s going to happen.  I would hope they use their first round pick and draft a big name player.  I don’t care what position either.  Just give Patriot nation a big name to get excited about.  Last big name I got excited about was Donta Hightower and that worked out great for us.  But as for a QB, there are a lot in this draft so wait or trade up and get the guy that you think can lead us for the next 10+ years.  This is a deep QB draft that will pretty much allow you to go and get the guy you want.  As for WRs, I haven’t seen anyone really stand out like last year’s group.  There are probably a handful of studs but outside of that one Alabama receiver, Jaylen Waddle, I don’t know who can come in an be a day one stud.

So, Pats nation?  Are we going to be stuck in the middle?  Yes, yes we are and it sucks!

John (Uncle_mac4)

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