Did The Yankees Just Become Better Than The Sox?

Yes if you are wondering I did just throw up when those words came out of my mouth. It is a legit question though, did the Yankees become better than the Red Sox by signing Adam Ottivino?

It comes down to one simple thing, how good will the Yankees starters be next year? The Yankees starters posted a 3.78 era last season as a team which is top five in all of baseball and only .02 points behind the Red Sox as a team. Oh, and they added James Paxton.

I know it sounds like I’m blowing smoke up the Yankees asses but it is true! That rotation has the potential to be lights out, do I think it will happen? No, CC is a bum, Severino has no nuts, Paxton won’t be able to handle playing in the Bronx. BUT, with that said all those guys have the ability to make me eat my words.

The clock is ticking for Dave to make a move to sure up the back end of the bullpen because unless you want Chris Sale to pitch every inning of every game, there is no one back there at the moment to shut the door. I definitely would like Kimbrel back on a 1-year deal if the money is right but at the same time we are getting burned by putting all our eggs in that basket.

I wanted Ottivino and I wanted him bad. The contract is right and the money was 100% worth it. You blew that one Dombrowski and that is just a fact. Being able to get him for $9 million is a deal and a half and I honestly think it will work out for them.

The ball is in your court Davey boy, it is time to make a move, especially now that the target is on your back after winning the division with the best record in baseball and dominating the playoffs. The Red Sox are the team to beat but it will be interesting to see how 2019 plays out if the Sox don’t add another arm to their bullpen.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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