Denver Broncos Trade for Joe Flacco

John “The Don” Elway just got another bad quarterback. I, for one, am SHOCKED.

Joe Flacco used to be pretty good. I remember a point in time when I would actually get scared if the Patriots had to go up against him in the playoffs. Now? Now he’s one of the biggest bums in pro sports. What made Elway think that trading for a guy who lost his job halfway through last season was a good idea? How is he considered a good GM? Just look at how Flacco’s numbers fare against Denver’s current (former?) starting QB Case Keenum over the last two seasons:

Based on those numbers, you can say that the Broncos are basically moving laterally at QB by bringing in Flacco. In order to do that, they had to sacrifice a mid-round draft pick and take on his $18M cap hit. Not to mention, they’ll have to eat about $10M in dead cap if they can’t find a trade partner for Case Keenum and end up cutting him. How is that worth it? Keenum was literally one game away from having the same exact career as him. They are the same level of bad, and I almost want to say I’d rather have Keenum at this point.

Joe Flacco stinks, John Elway stinks, and the Broncos are going to miss the playoffs again this year. This trade means nothing to me.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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