Decision 2018: Ranking The Teams Best For LeBron And For The NBA

Free agency starts on Sunday and all eyes will be on LeBron James once again. It’s the Decision: Part III as LeBron’s choice will once again shift the balance of power in the NBA. Knowing that there are 4 legit teams that could sign LeBron, I’d though I rate those teams. There will be two different lists here as I rank the teams best for LeBron and what’s best for the NBA. Let’s begin.

4 Los Angeles Lakers- As of right now, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are not Lakers. And it sounds like that may not be a guarantee that they end up there. The Spurs don’t want to trade with the Lakers and George has hinted that he may stay in OKC. So if LeBron were to go to the Lakers now, they might win 50 games and get bounced in the 2nd round. The one positive is the opportunity LA gives to LeBron outside of basketball. But that may not be what LeBron wants at this point.

3 Houston Rockets- No team gives LeBron the best chance to win a championship next year more than the Rockets. But to get LeBron on the team, the Rockets would have to clear cap room and loose a lot of its excellent supporting cast. Clint Capella, Trevor Ariza, and Eric Gordon would all be likely gone. Even still; LeBron, his best friend Chris Paul, and the reigning MVP James Harden could form the best Big 3 in basketball. But with all the moving pieces, it could be a while for them to get the chemistry right.

2 Cleveland Cavaliers- Other than championships, LeBron’s time with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers is the most important part of his legacy. When he came back 4 years ago, he said that he planned to retire a Cavalier. Will he go back on his promise and leave Cavs once again? Adding Colin Sexton from the draft helps and the fact that the Cavs can pay him the most helps even more.

1 Philadelphia 76ers- Not only can the 76ers give him a max deal, but they have two budding superstars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. By staying in the East, this is LeBron’s best chance to get back to the Finals. Unlike the Rockets, they may only have a two year window as James and Paul are both 33 years old. Simmons and Embiid are both younger than 22 and they’re gonna get better. If everything clicks right, Philly could be a power house for may years to come.

4 Houston Rockets- The last thing the NBA needs is another super team and another irrelevant franchise. With the Rockets already a great team, it would better for the league to have its stars spread out.

3 Philadelphia 76ers- The 76ers are one of the highest profile teams in basketball and it would be great to have them back to a championship level. The rivalry alone with the Celtics for the next 5 years in the East would be must watch TV.

2 Cleveland Cavaliers- A problem that the NBA has is that it’s too top heavy. Having teams in smaller markets like Cleveland, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City is better for the league. It gives the NBA more options for national TV games and its better to diversify its stars in many different cities. Plus, the hometown boy playing for his hometown team never gets old.

1 Los Angeles Lakers- The NBA is better when the Lakers are great. There’s no two ways about it. With the Lakers being irrelevant over the last 5 years, they need a superstar to get mojo back in their franchise. Having LeBron there easily does that and adds a whole nother level of juice to the league. Just imagine if Leonard and George end up there too? We could end up with another chapter of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry in the Finals once again. Who doesn’t want that?

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