The Jake DeBrusk Dilemma

Bruins fans across New England, hell hockey fans worldwide, know who Jake DeBrusk is. He is the only real thing to show for the Bruins, who had three straight picks in the first round in 2015. He’s has one breakout season, 2018-2019. Since then, not the same. News broke a few weeks back that DeBrusk has requested a trade from the Bruins.

Here is where things currently stand, as no real traction on trade talks has surfaced. Our response as fans to this, as typical Boston Sports fans do, we boo him because we are spoiled and don’t understand that this is not personal. It has been an almost unanimous response that this is laughable that he request a trade. His production is “way down,” and there is no real value for him. The Bruins have a real dilemma on their hands. Well, what if I told you I had a simple solution for the problem.

DeBrusk Is Not The Problem

Real hockey fans understand that none of what has transpired in Boston is Jack DeBrusk’s fault.

The Jake DeBrusk dilemma was created by one person and one person only, Don Sweeney. There is 0 reason for Bruins fans to be pissed at DeBrusk. Look, I understand he hasn’t played up to that near 30 goal season he had a few seasons ago. However, it is possible he isn’t a 30 goal scorer, and that is fine! A high teens, low 20’s goal player is still a very productive 3rd line guy for a successful team. It is not DeBrusk’s fault the Bruins’ 2nd line is god awful, and they are forcing him onto the second line.

Should a first-round draft pick be a top 6 forward? Yes. Did they miss on the round they drafted him in? Probably, but none of that matters now. All that matters now is how you will handle the dilemma on your hands.

Keep Him

Yup. I said it. Keep him.

Since news broke of him requesting a trade on November 30th, he has appeared in 5 games and has found the back of the net twice. Now, I understand this is no hot streak or anything like that, but a 3rd line guy averaging two goals every five games is very solid. In 23 games this season, he has 8 points (5 goals and 3 Assists). Again, yes, he is struggling and underproducing. I’m not saying that he isn’t. I am saying that we might be better off keeping him.

He understands he is entering free agency at the end of the year, and at this point, it is no secret he is probably not resigning in Boston. Whether he is wearing the Spoked B or another jersey, DeBrusk needs to put up points to get a good deal come free agency.

Can you keep a player that wants out? Sure you can. Does anyone remember a guy named Paul Pierce? Him requesting a trade back in 2007 if the Celtics didn’t bring him some help. While it’s a different situation, you get my point though. DeBrusk is not going to stop playing hockey if he stays in Boston; he wants to get paid! How do you get paid? Production! Showcasing his abilities because money talks at the end of the day.


The Jake DeBrusk dilemma is a simple one, don’t trade him. I’m not saying he is the next face of the franchise or anything like that. Of course, if the price is right and you get a great deal, you absolutely ship him out! I’d say that for just about anyone on this team at the moment besides maybe McAvoy. Yes, I’d trade Bergeron.

That’s for next week’s article, though. Lower the expectation of this kid please, at the end of the day, that’s all he is, a kid. He is only 25 years old. He has scored 15-20 goals in each full season he has played in.

Give the kid a break and keep him here. He will finish the season with 45-50 points, and in the end, that will be better than the return we’d possibly get for him at the moment. I think he is really starting to play better hockey and will break out into a little bit of a hot streak here before the Olympics roll around. DeBrusk is a good 3rd line player.

Stop holding him to this 30 goal season expectation. It is possible that he got a handful of lucky bounces throughout that 2018 season. Let’s not forget that line with Krejci last year. The long-winded answer cut short, keep him.

Please have some faith in him. I really think he will figure it out before the season comes to an end.

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-Kevin Perdios (@Kperdios15 on Twitter) 

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