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Dear Nick Quaglia, Watch the College Football Playoffs or I Quit: CFB Playoff Preview

That’s right Quags. Watch the playoff games or I quit. This whole feature is going to be me convincing you to watch these 2 games on New Years Day. See what sucks about you Nick is that you claim you like sports. Like you started this blog or something but if you like sports then how in the hell do you not enjoy college football? These kids are more talented then we will ever be and they are on the national spotlight almost every week. So Nick sit back and let me convince you why you need to watch these next 2 games coming up this week.


Georgia VS Oklahoma 5:00pm Jan 1 ESPN

Alright Quags first up is Oklahoma vs Georgia. This is going to be a battle of a great offense vs a pretty good defense. But Oklahoma doesn’t have any just plain old QB they have the Heisman winner in Baker Mayfield (don’t forget I predicted that so I’m pretty smart). This game is going to be very intriguing because if it turns into a shootout I think that Oklahoma will run away with it. Georgia is a very typical SEC team. They have a good defense and they want to run the ball.

Another interesting thing to consider from Georgia’s standpoint, they haven’t really played a good team besides Auburn. They had a very easy schedule this year so all things considered I’m taking Oklahoma in this one and you should too. Quags you need to watch this one because this game has 2 great NFL prospects you will be watching next year in Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb. And I also think this is will be the more entertaining game of the first round of playoff games on New Years Day. If you’re smart Quags you will think like me and believe that Baker Mayfield will come out and put on a show like he has done all year. Oklahoma 35 Georgia 20


Alabama VS Clemson 8:45pm Jan 1 ESPN

Now this is the game everyone is going to watch. This is the third year in a row that we have an Alabama vs Clemson playoff game and I can not wait for this one. Clemson was suppose to have a down year this year considering that they lost a few players to the NFL but they have played very well over the year. Clemson had one hiccup against Syracuse but they also destroyed the turnover chain and stomped out Miami. Alabama on the other hand has had a typical Alabama year. They did lose in Auburn but they still squeaked into the playoffs. Now I must say I will be rooting for Clemson in this one because I absolutely can’t stand the Alabama Patriots (see what I did there). As much as I want Clemson to win this one I just don’t see it. I am sure that Nick Saban has been studying this team since the day after they lost the National Championship last year. There is really no way you can beat him twice in three years. I just don’t see it. Combine that with the fact that Alabama has the best defense in the NCAA, the 12th best scoring offense, and the 8th best rushing attack. Now Quags you have to watch this one because like I said this is the third year in a row these two teams have played each other which just makes it even more fun. Quags imagine if the Pats played the Giants 3 years in a row for the super bowl and we split those first 2 games 1-1. Thats basically what this game is. Its going to be fun for the real football fans out there. I think this game is going to be different from the past two games and be low scoring. I hate to say it but its gonna be Alabama 24 Clemson 17.

Written By: Nick Katinas (@nkatinas22)

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