Deal or No Deal? The MLB’s Negotiations Labor On.

There is finally some progress to the labor negotiations between the MLB and MLBPA. Meaning that was actually a meeting yesterday, and another one today. With the meetings happening closer together, the hope is that negotiations have begun in earnest and a deal will be made sooner rather than later. However, is this a good sign? And more importantly, will it be a fair deal?

Yesterday’s Meeting

According to MLB insiders, yesterday’s meeting between the Player’s Association and the owners was a little chippy:

Others reported similarly:

Ultimately, the negotiations weren’t to anyone’s liking, but since they’re meeting today as well, the hope is that progress is being made. With Pitchers and Catchers supposed to be reporting in 20 days, the two sides do not have much time to come together in order for the league to start on time.

What’s Next?

Apparently, the players’ proposal from yesterday had several smaller demands removed, meaning that the owners are looking for more. I’m not sure what exactly that is, but it’s possible some of these concessions, such as players becoming free agents earlier, will come back into play. We should hear more details today on where the two sides seem to be heading.

Ultimately, what the players are looking for is for them to gain more control of their decisions in choosing where to play and how much to play for. For the owners, they simply want to protect their assets. Both sides know that not having a season, or even having a shorter season, will not be best for either side, so both should be motivated to get a deal done in the next week or two.

It’s easy for us baseball fans to get tired of the lockout for many reasons. For some, it’s that this is hindering the growth of the game. For others, it’s the lack of content. And still others, the difficulty of seeing millionaires face off against billionaires while many are struggling to get by. But whatever it is, I hope we can all come together and agree that what we want is a fair deal to come as soon as possible so that we can watch America’s favorite pastime again.

Image Source: Getty images/Jim McIsaac

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