David Robertson is Off the Market…What Does That Mean for the Red Sox?

So this happened the other day…

The Philadelphia Phillies signed David Robertson to a two year, 23 million dollar deal. Robertson was one of the prime free agent relievers that the Red Sox were considering to replace Joe Kelly or Craig Kimbrel. So with Robertson off of the market, where do the Red Sox go from here?

Re-Sign Craig Kimbrel

The Red Sox need to resign Craig Kimbrel and if you don’t think they need to, then you haven’t been closely watching this Red Sox team. The Red Sox are now suddenly back in the sweepstakes to bring back their All-Star closer.

Kimbrel has been an All-Star for the past three seasons with the Red Sox and had 42 saves on the Red Sox campaign. Sure, he gave all of us headaches in the playoffs, but he is still one of the more elite closers in the league when it is all said and done. Ink Kimbrel to a 3-4 year deal and get rid of him at a future trade deadline if you absolutely have must.

Sign Adam Ottaviano

With Robertson gone, Ottavaino remains the next best option. Keep in mind, he had a 2.43 ERA with Colorado last season and has one of the better breaking balls in the MLB. I think Ottavino would be a great bridge to Kimbrel to give the back end of the bullpen a solid 8-9 tandem that the Red Sox have consistently been looking for since the days of Tazawa and Koji. Get him in a Red Sox uniform and give us fans the only piece we need to improve in: the bullpen! I mean, just look at some of these pitches.

Obtain a Left-Handed Relief Pitcher

This one is self-explanatory. You need a left-handed pitcher in that bullpen that is NOT named Drew Pomeranz. Always having another lefty helps. With Rodriguez going back to the starting rotation and Pomeranz most likely gone, the Red Sox need to find a lefty. Sign one, trade for one, get it done somehow!

The Red Sox are in a great spot for the 2019 season. But another bullpen piece or two couldn’t hurt. If the Red Sox can just make those few minor moves, this could be happening yet again!

Back to back World Series titles has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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