David Price Was Masterful Last Night For The Red Sox And I’m Back On the Price Train

Am I about to say something that’s a little outlandish? I might, but here it goes. David Price is completely over his postseason hump and I now officially have put all of my faith in him.

He won his first game in his postseason career against the Houston Astros in game five of the ALCS. Once he won that game and the Red Sox were sent to the World Series, people started wondering if this was a fluke or could he do it again? Well, he did it. He went out and pitched one hell of a game in game two of the World Series and shut down the Los Angeles Dodgers to push the Red Sox to a 2-0 series lead.

Price was absolutely masterful last night and that right there is why the Red Sox signed him. Look, you can have your gripes with the lefty all you want. He’s been up and he’s been down since signing with the Red Sox in 2016 to the richest pitcher’s deal of all-time. But can we just face the truth, please? There is no pitcher in the world who could live up to a deal that pays out roughly $31M a season. The only way to justify a contract like that? Finish with an ERA under two and a win-loss record of 31-0. Would I have liked just a little bit more out of him since 2016? I mean, yeah absolutely.

Believe me, I’ve had my problems with David Price too. And sure, maybe he isn’t over his clear struggles against the New York Yankees. But even with that, he’s been impeccable through the second half of 2018.

I’ve bashed him, destroyed him and even said that I NEED this guy to not opt into his player option after this season ends. With all of that being said though, man does he have me wrapped around his finger again.

I’ve made this comparison a million times now, but Price is that ex that you know you can’t go back to. Yeah, there are plenty of reasons why you want to love him. Hell, a lot of the time you do. But over these past three years, every time I’ve been back on the Price train, he’s stepped on my heart, backed over it with his car and let his dog Astro chew it up. Every. Single. Time.

One thing I am confident in saying is that he’s over his postseason yipps. You couldn’t talk about David Price and not have that point brought up. Price is one of the best pitchers in the regular season but man, come playoff time, he was a bum. You can’t say that anymore, you just can’t. He blew away one of the, if not THE best lineup in baseball in the Houston Astros and now he’s throwing absolute gems in the God damn World Series.

Last night’s line was 6IP, 3H, 2ER, and 5Ks. He’s displaying confidence out on the mound now and when Price is in the right mindset, he’s one of the best in the game. One of the most telling signs of his confidence came post ALCS. He mentioned that the night before games, he’d usually lie in bed and think about pitches that he needs to execute on. But before game five in Houston, he said he imagined speaking to the media postgame instead, talking about his win. 

I’m fully back on the David Price bandwagon and Red Sox fans, you should be too. Whether you want to believe in him or not I think he’s opting back in and he’ll be here for the next four years too. 

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-Nick Quaglia 

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