Cute Move Warriors

That’s cute, the Rockets think they can now contend with the Warriors….. LeBron James is a better overall player then Harden AND Irving will ultimately become a better pg the CP3. So what makes the Rockets think that they can contend when they are not as good as the Cavaliers?  Now there has been rumors that the Rockets are now going after Paul George. If they can land George, then they MIGHT have a shot at taking down the Warriors in a 7 game series. It sure would be a battle and there is no telling who would win that series. The Pacers are being offered trades every single minute for Paul George. What team does not want him? If the Rockets do not land another top free agent or trade for an All-star player then they will not have enough to get past the Warriors. You do not think that I am right? Vegas just came out with the updated championship odds for next season and the Rockets are now 15-1… This is the same odds that the Celtics are getting, and they have not landed a big start yet. While the move does help the Rockets grow, they still are a long ways away from actually winning a championship in Houston.

So keep trying to sign players Houston, but you’re still going to lose to the Warriors or Spurs. They should have saved the assets they gave up to the Clippers and get ready for the next 5 years. This Warriors team is not going anywhere for a few years, so teams need to smarten up and plan ahead. I have no clue if CP3 and Harden will even be a great combo… We shall see what they can do starting next Fall.

Written By: Connor Strayer

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