Could the Warriors Dynasty be in Jeopardy?

The Golden State Warriors had one of the most unfortunate playoffs to remember. Not only losing the NBA Championship, they lost best player in Kevin Durant in Game 5 and then losing Klay Thompson in Game Six to an ACL injury. If both players were healthy then we could have possibly seen a three-peat performance.

Now the next question for the Golden State Warriors and the rest of the league, is this team still considered the powerhouse of the NBA Western Conference?

Clearly, they will be on top of their game this off-season with the primary priority of trying to sign Thompson and Durant. It is possible, Durant might not play a single game next season. However, if the team can sign both players with contracts that can lock up both, the future for the Warriors, I feel, will still be very bright and promising. The rest of the league will still have to continue to find ways to beat them.

However, for next season, the league is up in the air. This off-season will be one of the biggest off-season that I can remember. Lots of teams could have a different look and better position themselves to have a better chance to win an NBA championship. Next season will be a season to remember.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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