Could the MLB Change Their Division Alignment for 2020?

What is even going on anymore? Seriously, can somebody tell me what’s going on in our world now a days? Sports have been taken away and we want them back. But, it looks like there are some radical changes that have to be made in order for that to happen. Take the MLB for example. I wrote the other day about rule changes that could help to give everyone a 2020 season. Now, it looks like the MLB has ANOTHER proposition for us!

Realigning the League to Cactus and Grapefruit League Divisions

I mean, what are we doing here? Look at some of these divisions!

The Grapefruit League Breakdown

The Grapefruit North will have the Yankees running away with the division, unless the Phillies have something to say about that. The South has the Red Sox battling the Braves, Twins, and Rays. Good luck with that! The East could be interesting with the Nationals, Astros, and Cardinals all battling each other. Plus, we haven’t even gotten to the Cactus League yet!

The Cactus League Breakdown

The Northwest division is a flaming pile of garbage! You might as well give the Brewers the division before the season starts. The West belongs to the Dodgers with the Indians window for winning shutting quickly. The Angels maybe can make a run after adding Anthony Rendon in the off-season. But, it’s basically the Dodgers division to lose. The best division in probably the whole league with this potential realignment idea is the Northeast. The Cubs, Rockies, D’Backs, and A’s being in the same division is very intriguing. This would be the most competitive division in baseball should the leagues be realigned like this.

In Conclusion

I’m not a fan of this idea at all. Keep it the way it’s been in the MLB forever. The American League and the National League should be kept. Keep the divisions the same as they’ve always been and get games going if you can. I understand that players won’t like being away from their families and rightfully so. But for those that want to play and the fans that want to see some sports, don’t do it this way! Holy moly, is this a crazy idea! Enjoy your weekends, wash your hands, and keep practicing social distancing. We all do our part and we’ll be back to our normal lives with baseball faster than we expect.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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