Could Mookie Betts End Up With The Padres?

Where there is smoke there is fire. So when it is reported by multiple outlets (Dennis Lin had it first) that the Boston Red Sox and San Diego Padres are engaged in trade talks surrounding 2018 American League MVP Mookie Betts, you listen.

Betts, 27, is set to become a free-agent after the 2020 MLB season. Boston has mentioned on numerous occasions that they would like to retain Betts for the rest of his career, but the combination of Betts’ insistency to test the market as well as the Red Sox desire to get under the luxury-tax threshold has created a world where Betts is not with Boston at the start of this season.

It isn’t a foregone conclusion that Betts ends up on the move, but the amount of money the Sox will have to fork over to him while already being committed to the contracts of players like David Price, Chris Sale, Xander Bogaerts, makes it tough to keep him around.

Most Boston fans would like to tell their billion dollar owners to suck it up and pay Betts regardless, but that isn’t how things work. So with the Padres interested, the Red Sox have to take a long, hard look at what they would be able to get from San Diego. It has been reported that Boston would need to take on the contract of Wil Myers, but that would coincide with them receiving “two young major leaguer players and at least one prospect”.

Betts is worth more than what the Padres are reportedly offering, but his pending free agency is the exact reason why 1. the Red Sox are even thinking about trading him and 2. no other team would be willing to give up fair value. So at this point I am not sure what route Boston is actually headed, but I think Barstool Sports baseball writer put it best with his Tweet you can see below.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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