Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 114: Kemba Walker Right For the Celtics? | Chris Simms BRUTAL Tom Brady Take | State of the Red Sox

Nick Quaglia and Jared Scali are back for episode 114 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast.

After the Weekly Dump, they get into the massive news for Celtics fans. It sounds like they’ve got their Kyrie replacement, and it’s not nearly as bad as we might have been expecting. All-Star guard Kemba Walker sounds like he’s going to be headed to Boston come Sunday. But with their massive need for a center too, would it be the right move for the team to give a max deal to the wildly talented player?

The boys also get into Chris Simms’ BRUTAL top-40 list where he had Tom Brady as the ninth best quarterback in the NFL today. Are we serious with that one? The guys react and give their own ranking of the GOAT.

And finally, the state of the Red Sox. The bullpen is in shambles and Nick might be on the brink of throwing himself off of the roof after watching them blow another game against Chicago.

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