Couch Guy Sports Podcast 142: Who Should Replace Alex Cora | Aaron Hernandez Doc. | Celtics Have More to Prove

Nick Quaglia is SOLO on today’s episode of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast.

First, he hits the Weekly Dump where he reacts to the live MLB Hall of Fame announcements. Derek Jeter not unanimous? And the Conference Championships proved one thing. Then onto the Red Sox. They are scrambling to find a new manager. Who should replace Alex Cora?

Plus… We now know what it’s going to take to get Mookie Betts away from the Red Sox via trade. And the Aaron Hernandez documentary. How was it? Was it as good as expected? And what to take away from it.

Finally, we’ve got a little Celtics to get to. They may have steamrolled the LA Lakers and LeBron… But there’s still a lot more to prove.

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