Couch Guy Hollywood Ep. 2: 2019 Entertainment Gonna Be Big Fire

Did we get another episode? Buddy, of COURSE, we got another episode. 

Nick, Coop, and Ben get into 2019 and talk about these massive movies that are about to drop. 

Which movies are we most hyped about for release? 2019 is already looking loaded with releases but will any blow us away?

We have another Ghostbusters coming? We talk expectations for Ghostbusters 3. Is this a bad idea to make another one? Or will the Ghostbusters cult be out in full force?

Office fans, you ready? Because Steve Carell blew up Twitter with the announcement of “Spaceforce”, a workplace comedy. We talk about the upcoming series and what we see it turning out to be. 

Plus we dive into a little new music release. 

All of that and move on episode¬†two of Couch Guy Hollywood. Let’s. Go.

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