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Couch Guy Gaming?

I’m hyped to be apart of the Twitch channel here at Couch Guy Sports. First off, if you don’t know by now, Twitch is a live streaming platform. Its main content is video games. However, there are a bunch of other things that can be done. A sports site like this one can benefit greatly. Eventually, can have live shows such as The Sports Hub. I know for now it will be Wally and me as the main two gamers. Nick and Jared both mentioned that they also game so I’m sure we’ll get them on. Be sure to tune in tonight for the first stream with Wally and make sure to follow so you can check out my first stream for the team.

My Streaming Experience

When I started this journey of content I never had one avenue. I started with a podcast then thought, “some people like to read and you can’t have just a podcast,” so I started a blog. Then 2-3 years ago, I made the discovery of Twitch. Now, I am not a gamer. Full disclosure. I didn’t grow up around the passion of video games. I like playing with my friends, and having fun but you’re not coming to my channel for high-quality gameplay. Plus, I like interacting with people. Let’s talk, let’s laugh, let’s learn and let’s grow. That’s what Twitch does for me. I’ve met some great people because of this. One kid will be invited to my wedding. Never even met before and I’m not engaged but he’ll get a card. Streaming is a fun time and I’m so happy to be apart of this. I’m excited to meet even more people. Follow CGS on twitch! Maybe me too? (: @amikewithamic

Mike’s Monday Mantra

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – MLK

I thought this was a great quote for this Monday with the announcement of CGS taking to Twitch. As with everything else going on with Couch Guy, this is just another area where we just need to take the first step. One thing that I really enjoy about CGS is that it’s a bunch of people that, more or less, have the same goal as me. Making content. It’s reassuring to work with people who want to do the same thing. We don’t see the staircase, and we’re taking the first step.

-Mike Yebba (@amikewithamic_)

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