Comparing Wendy’s To The Conference Championship Teams

It’s fun Friday! Yes, last week fun Friday didn’t happen because someone (me) completely forgot about it. We’ll make sure that never happens again. We are down to the conference championships. The final four NFL teams have been battling all season long to make it to this point. Now, they finally get a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. But that’s not as important as what today is all about. Today it’s all about comparing Wendy’s to the conference championship teams. This is a five star achievement for all the teams so it’s time to recognize them for all their hard work.

Los Angeles Rams- 444

Wendy's 4 for $4 meal Archives - Chew Boom


This is a deal nobody can refuse. Everyone enjoys this deal just like how everyone enjoys the Rams. Each bite someone takes the entire experience just gets better. The Rams went out this season and acquired Von Miller and signed Odell Beckham Jr and got better with both these guys on the roster. Plus, watching a Rams game is nothing short of entertaining just like how you can entertain your taste buds with this deal.

San Francisco 49ers- Baconator

Wendy's Is Giving Out Free Baconators All Week Long | PEOPLE.com

So here’s why the 49ers are like a baconator, Deebo Samuel and the defense. Wendy’s burger’s themselves are good but add bacon to them and it makes them even better. Deebo Samuel makes the 49ers offense better anytime he’s on the field. The 49ers defense has been solid this playoff run they’re on with the help of Nick Bosa and the 49ers pass rush. Both Samuel and the defense just add the extra flavor just like how the bacon adds the extra flavor that is one thousand percent needed!

Kansas City Chiefs- Chili

This Is Why Wendy's Chili Is So Delicious

We’re all sick of the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans were celebrating early this season when the Chiefs were struggling. Those were the best times of the season. Unfortunately, not everything on the Wendy’s menu is good and is avoidable just like how most fans avoid watching the Chiefs as much as possible. There’s just nothing good about the chili, sorry Wendy’s. Not sorry to Chiefs though!

Cincinnati Bengals- Frosty

Why Wendy's brought back 50¢ Frosties | CNN Business

Last but not least we got the classic we all love, the frosty. The Cincinnati Bengals are such an enjoyment to watch with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase. This Bengals team puts a smile on everyone’s face just like how a frosty puts a smile on everyone’s face. Both are just sweet. So there you have it with comparing Wendy’s to the conference championship teams!

Images from: cbssports.com, chewboom.com, people.com, mashed.com, cnn.com

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 


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