College Basketball Is Back And Better Then Ever

If you are a college hoop fan, this is always one of the funnest weeks of the season. Generally their is always a bunch of tournaments and fun out of conference games the bigger schools will always play in. The usual favorites, the Maui and the Battle For Atlantis tounrmanets were going on this weekend but a new one for this season the PK80, had a bunch of solid teams and some top 10 draft picks playing.

Understanding that its only November, and these teams have only been together now for a couple of months maybe if that. It happens every season where a couple of teams will come out and play very well but then as the season goes on they usually fade out. But there were a few teams that you can really see separating themselves from the rest of the field once they get on the same page.

I think their are really Three teams after “Feast Week” that have shown they will be around in March, expecting to make a run. One team is, the Florida Gators, I really like this team a lot. I think they are going to win the SEC, they are really fun to watch. They can score a ton of points, and have an older/veteran team which we all know helps come march. The other team was Michigan State. Arguably they have one of the best players in college hoop Miles Bridges, and the best coach in Tom Izzo. They are a little more on the younger side but they have a ton of talent, and really get after it on the defensive end. They held UNC to their lowest shooting percentage ever last night in the PK80 final. These two teams really show they are here to stay over the last week, but one team has already separated themselves in my opinion.

The Duke Blue Devils are the best team in college basketball, and they will be the best team in college basketball come March. Now this team is fun to watch, they have a ton of young guys who wanna run and shoot threes, they have a crazy senior who can score 35 points on any given night in Grayson Allen, and in my opinion college basketballs most dominant player this season in Marvin Bagley. I think they are going to win the whole thing this season, there best players are young and will only get better as the season goes. Oh yeah and they have the best coach maybe ever in Coach k.

This team looks really good already, and they havent even scratched the surface of their potential yet. Coach K will have these boys ready to go come March, and when they all figure it out, boy its gonna be fun to watch. The rest of college hoop and the ACC were put on notice this week .

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio  (@donato05)

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