Christian Vazquez Continues to Show His Evolving Offensive Game

When you think of the Red Sox lineup, who are a few names that comes to mind? J.D. Martinez is probably one of the first names you think of, right? Maybe Xander Bogaerts? Potentially Rafael Devers? But there’s one name that people aren’t talking about right now. Christian Vazquez. We’ve always known that Vazquez had an incredible arm behind the plate and could receive/block well. But for some reason, pitchers didn’t pitch well with him behind the plate. In the past, you could argue to have Vazquez out of the lineup because he wasn’t much of a threat at the plate. But now, Vazquez continues to show how evolving his offensive game is becoming.

His 2019 Season

2019 was a wake up call for all of Red Sox nation. Vazquez showed up in a big way. The Red Sox catcher only hit .276 last season. But he also had 23 homeruns and 72 RBI’s. By the way, these homeruns weren’t just high fly balls that barely carried out of the ballpark. These things were absolute MOONSHOTS, no doubters. 2019 showed how valuable Vazquez can be at the plate, while proving he can be a complete player in the MLB.

The Start of His 2020 Season

These are just a few examples of what Christian Vazquez has done at the plate so far in 2020. The man literally is carrying the Red Sox offense. Vazquez in five games this year is 8-19 with five extra base hits, four of them being towering homeruns! He singlehandedly helped the Red Sox offensively in Citi Field against the Mets. But the crazy part is I believe this is just the beginning for Vazquez. The man has made major adjustments at the plate and it’s starting to show with his more consistent power.

In Conclusion

Christian Vazquez is becoming a critical part of this Red Sox lineup. If the other guys like Bogaerts, Devers, Beintendi, and others can figure it out, this lineup becomes that much tougher. For now, I’ll enjoy Vazquez missiles that will hopefully translate to more Red Sox wins!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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