Chris Sale’s Plan

We all know who the stud of our pitching rotation is and we all know what he will give us year in a year out…at least for the majority of the regular season. Chris Sale, came out a few days ago saying that he is not going to get ramped up as fast as he did last year in order to be able to pitch well through the duration of the long 162 games. Great…I think?

In my opinion, Sale getting burnt out by the end of the year had nothing to do with Sale “getting ramped up to soon”. It has everything to do with the manager at the time and his incompetence with the pitching staff. Still blows my mind how someone, who was a pitching coach in the MLB prior to becoming a manager, had zero idea how to handle a pitching staff.

Anyway, back to my point, Chris Sale made 32 starts last year, out of those 32 starts, in 26 games he threw over 100 pitches. Now out of those 26 game, 18 of them he threw more than 110 pitches. Also over the course of those 100+ pitches thrown in games, Seven times he did not make it past the 6th inning. I’m not even going into how screwed up that is, once again that falls squarely on Farrell. What a dunce.

The key to keeping Sale fresh longer this year is put an imaginary “pitch limit” on him. Once he hits around the 100 pitch mark OR is into the 7th inning, pull the plug. Sale is a competitor, he will throw till his arm literally falls off on the mound. Which I LOVE. Up until last year I was strongly against limiting pitchers to a certain number of pitches or innings,especially with the money they make, unless they are coming right off of Tommy John surgery and the risk of injuring it again is high. That is the baseball world we live in now and if you need to do it to keep your best pitcher healthy come October than so be it, I’m all for it.

Our bullpen, especially with Carson Smith and Tyler Thornburg both returning from injury, should be more than capable to get us through the 7th, 8th, and 9th without a problem. So there is no need to constantly have Sale out there throwing deep into ball games when he is already over the 100 pitch mark.

I have faith in Cora to actually have a set and be able to look Sale dead in the eye and say “no you are done for tonight, we need you come October” even when Sale is arguing to go back out there, something Farrell was never able to do.

To put this in simple terms, Sale got tired out because of John Farrell and John Farrell alone. How do you let your best pitcher, who you will need for a deep playoff run come October, throw over 110 pitcher 18 times? That is just strictly dumb. Sale does not need to change how he prepares for the season drastically. Ya, I am sure there are minor things he could do to help him be able to last longer but the main problem was he was simply over used by the manager and that is an easily fix.

– Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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