A Way too Early Look at the NFL QB Carousel

It seems like where certain QB’s could move to is a big story every offseason. However, this offseason I feel like there are way more potential starters that are becoming free agents this year. There is no way that all these guys are going to get re-signed, and I have a feeling that there are going to be a ton of moves. Granted there’s really not much for rumors out there yet, but here’s an outside look at what could happen.

QB Needy Teams: Bears, Bills, Broncos, Browns, Cardinals, Chiefs, Texans, Vikings

Potential Targets:

Kirk Cousins – Cardinals: This seems like the best landing spot for him. There are so many great targets in Arizona for him, and Larry Fitzgerald deserves a good young QB. They would need to clear some cap space, but going forward with a new HC and young QB would probably be in the best interest of this team, and could really open up the potential of David Johnson and become a great team for years to come.

Kirk Cousins

Drew Brees – Saints: They would just look like total jackasses if they failed to retain Brees. He and Sean Payton are great together, and the guy still plays at a high level, there is no need to restart your team after a great playoff run.


Teddy Bridgewater – Browns : Just because I feel like this needs a big shake up. It would probably be in Minnesota’s best interest to retain him at 25, but he can’t be their only option at QB. He might have a busted career, but he also might not. The perfect guy for a team like Cleveland to take a chance on.

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Case Keenum – Vikings: No team will value him as high as the Vikings do right now. After his historic run this season that nobody ever saw coming, in his best interest he should probably stick around if they want him. It’s clearly his place to thrive, and the only opportunity he might have to succeed.

Sam Bradford – Bills: Just seems like a real Bills-like move to make. They don’t want to pay Tyrod. Bradford proved that he is still a viable starter when he played week one last season, but there’s no chance he’s going to stay health and that will thrust Nathan Peterman into being the starter and the future of the team.

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A.J. McCarron – Jets: McCarron just recently won his grievance against Cincinnati and will most likely become a free agent. After the Jets miss out on both Kirk Cousins and Bridgewater, it seems like McCarron would make the most sense for a team trying to rebuild. They’re way better off going for him than praying on Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

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Josh McCown – Texans: For a guy who got emotional for his Jets teammates yeah JETS teammates I kind of hope for his dedication he goes back, but it’s more fun to think the journeyman will play for his 9th team. Deshaun Watson is obviously going to start after his stellar performance last year. But a rookie year torn ACL is no bueno. Just in case he isn’t the same, or can’t stay healthy, they’ll appreciate a veteran presence, because Tom Savage is not the answer.

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Jay Cutler – Chiefs: This is of course if he doesn’t ACTUALLY retire this time. Patrick Mahomes is clearly their guy, but what if he isn’t actually that good yet? Smokin Jay will gladly take aroune 7-8 mil a year to be a veteran presence and backup for good ol’ Andy Reid.

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Tyrod Taylor – Broncos: In what would be a total 180 in offensive style for this team, Tyrod come over to start. The Bills don’t want to pay him, so this would happen via trade. They are looking to dish out Emmanuel Sanders, and have decent draft position. So the speedy wideout plus maybe a 3rd rounder would be sent to the Bills in return, and they might not have found their franchise QB, but he definitely isn’t Brock Osweiler.

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Nick Foles – Vikings: Yeah this may sound weird. But I’m taking this move to another level. Midway through the season Keenum is not what he was last year. Nobody had bit on Foles in an offseason trade. At the deadline, the Eagles move Foles to the team he torched in the NFC Championship, and makes a late season run to the playoffs with them. Or maybe he tears both his ACL’s and retires. Damn you, Nick Foles.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick – Bears: Another lovably journeyman, I couldn’t leave him out. The Bears are another team invested in a rookie that seems to have some gray areas as to how ready he is. Fitzpatrick goes to his 8th NFL team and is a veteran insurance policy for Mitchell Trubisky.

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Chances are all of these are wrong. I also thought Alex Smith would be a Jet. But who knows, that trade could fall apart since it cannot be official yet. Should definitely be an exciting offseason.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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