Chris Sale Undergoes Successful Tommy John Surgery…Yay?

Baseball might not be coming back anytime soon. If you want a full article on that, go check out Powder’s article on the website. As far as the Red Sox go, there hasn’t been much good news to report. Today, the Red Sox announced that Chris Sale underwent success Tommy John surgery.

This means a few things.

No Sale in 2020

This is the most obvious “no duh!” statement for any baseball fans eyes/ears. Sale is officially out for the 2020 season. Personally, I don’t feel that confident in having any type of season in 2020. That makes the Sale news not as horrible. It softens the blow, if you will. I don’t care what kind of year Sale had in 2019. I’ll personally miss the competitiveness and burning desire to win that Sale brings on the mound with each start, in 2020. With the way this current Red Sox team looks, it doesn’t hurt to get Sale right for 2021.

No Sale in The First Half of 2021

Tommy John typically takes a little longer than a year to fully recover. With this in mind, Sale won’t be around for April and May of 2021. June is probably a stretch as well. If I’m the Red Sox, I’m getting Sale ready for the second half of 2021. Hopefully, they’ll be in playoff contention. Sale can be a much needed boost to the rotation for the second half of 2021. If that doesn’t work, maybe Sale can even come out of the bullpen for the last few months. You are a much better team with Chris Sale in your starting rotation, end of story.

This is Good…I Guess???

I mean…this is good, right? Sale is hopefully going to be fully healed for at least half of 2021. Of course, now the worry will be whether or not Sale will stay healthy after fully healing from this surgery. Am I happy about Sale getting the actual surgery? Sure, he needed it. But, am I going to be happy about Sale’s health going forward? Yeah…not sure about that one. I love Sale and always will love Sale. However, now I’m always going to be wondering if he’ll be like Woody in Toy Story 2, arm hanging by a thread.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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