Chris Sale makes second rehab start with the Portland Sea Dogs

The Chris Sale watch continues throughout all of Red Sox nation. Sale made his first rehab start for the Portland Sea Dogs on Tuesday night and did fairly well. He made his second start for the Sea Dogs yesterday. While the results weren’t as dazzling as the first start, there were a lot of takeaways that Red Sox fans can be happy with. Without further adieu, let’s get into somer tidbits from Chris Sale making his second rehab start with the Portland Sea Dogs.

The Strikeout Numbers Stay Up!

Through 3.2 innings, Sale ended up having nine strikeouts on the afternoon. Obviously, it’s AA and not major league hitters. But recording nine strikeouts out of 11 outs is a good sign. Sale had a lot of strikeouts come by way of the slider with the changeup and fastball helping with some punch outs as well. We all know Chris Sale as a dominant strikeout pitcher anyways. So this was a good sign.

Sale Got Hit Around a Bit…Which is a Good Sign!

Chris Sale did get into a jam in the third inning and gave up a homerun. But honestly? I’m completely okay with that. Why? Because he’s going to have to continue to battle through adversity, even when he makes it back up the bigs. Sale flat out dominating in the minor leagues wouldn’t accomplish as much. Now he knows he has to execute at all times and not just rely on talent alone.

Sale Only Going 3.2 Innings is a Bit Concerning

Chris Sale was scheduled in his second rehab start to go 4-5 innings, depending on pitch count. However, he didn’t make it out of the fourth. He threw 64 pitches, 46 of them being strikes. That in itself is good. But if Sale wants to be back with the Red Sox for the stretch run, he needs to be able to go at least five innings. Ideally, the Red Sox will want six or seven innings from Sale. But for now, get him to that five spot.

In Conclusion

Sale continues to make progress. But the Red Sox should continue to monitor his situation closely. As I write this blog, the Red Sox are only one game up in the American League East on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox NEED to get Sale up and going whenever the opportunity best presents itself. Try not to keep pushing the timeline back. Get him back up here ASAP!

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(Featured Photo Credit: Boston.com/)

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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