Charlie McAvoy is going to get PAID..a look at his next contract

It looks like the Bruins are going to have to dig deep into their pockets for Charlie McAvoy. The young, studded defensemen is entering his final year of a three-year contract at a team friendly $4.9 million per year. In an offseason that has already seen over $900 million dollars spent in free agency around the league, there was one position of power that really monopolized the market: young top end defensemen.

Similar Contracts

Money and term are the two variables when signing a new contract. And being a hot commodity, the younger top end defensemen of this free agency class got both. This has been the trend for quite some time now. Below is a list of the players comparable to Charlie McAvoy who made their money this offseason:

It is almost certain that McAvoy is going to be paid handsomely this time around.

Bruins and Their Core

General Manager Don Sweeney has done a very good job getting their core guys under team friendly deals. With players such as Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak, Brandon Carlo and, recently, Taylor Hall all buying into team friendly deals, they’ve been able to spread the wealth. Charlie also took a rather team friendly deal the last time his contract expired. All while keeping it within his restricted free agency range. This time, however, McAvoy will likely be looking for numbers higher than those of his peers. And, rightfully so, as he has really come into his own since the team moved on from defensemen Zdeno Chara and Torey Krug. Even getting himself into the Norris trophy discussion this past season.

Charlie McAvoy’s Next Contract

McAvoy is only eligible for two more seasons of restricted free agency after this contract. As he will be 25 in two years and also have spent seven years in the NHL which makes him no longer eligible for restricted free agency. The Bruins would be wise to lock him up for the maximum term of eight years regardless of salary. According to Frank Seravelli of Daily FaceOff, the league salary cap ceiling is projected to resume it’s growth as early as the 2022-2023 season and continue the trend upward for the seasons to come.

As far as what McAvoy will be looking for and seeing the signings of this current offseason, I would expect him to land in the $9 million per season territory. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if Don Sweeney is able to land him in the $8 million range. At the max eight year term. Regardless, there is no question, you pay to keep this player. He is the core of this defensive group and, as we saw this past season, he is coming into his own as a player.

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-Josh Croteau (@_JCRO on Twitter)

Image Source: usatoday.com

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