Chargers Long Snapper Essentially Cheated To Get Steelers To Jump Offsides

Look, I usually wouldn’t care about something like this. It seems so insignificant and I hate to give the Steelers any sort of a pass on this one. They threw the game away themselves and let the LA Chargers back into this game on their own.

Did the refs completely screw them by not calling that blatant offsides late in the game before the deep touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin? Okay, sure. If I’m a fan of that completely undisciplined football team than yeah, I’m slightly peeved. But let’s be honest, you pissed away a 16 point halftime lead and got outscored in the second half, 26-7.

But regardless, the most impressive part of the game came when the Steelers jumped offsides THREE TIMES in a row when LA was going for the game-winning field goal.

It was mesmerizing. On what planet can you not stay onsides one time? Just once. Everybody in the Twitter world was clamoring for their opportunity to take their shots at Mike Tomlin.

Well, while that’s what we generally all wanted because nothing’s better than some good old NFL drama, it turns out that the long snapper for LA was the main reason as to why Pittsburgh was jumping early. And full credit to my guy and a recurring guest on the Loose Change Podcast by Couch Guy Sports, Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports here because this is where I first saw this story. 


A blatant false start here by the long snapper, right? You just can’t be twitching away with the football because hell, those are the rules and if the NFL does anything right, its follow the rules. They are so emphatic about abiding by the rules that they would spend a considerable amount on a deflated football investigation.

I mean, you would think that, right? Gee wilikers! Here’s another episode of, “The NFL’s Double Standards”!


Apparently, this has been an ongoing thing and the refs have just chosen to ignore it. I mean hell, why not? It clearly doesn’t have any implications on the outcome of a game. Except when it does and it actually did alter the game from a potential overtime thriller to a Chargers win on three attempted field goals.

I’m not going to sit here and act like I care too much about this because it’s against the Steelers. There are so many other things going on in the NFL that are much bigger like the Mike McCarthy firing. But it just baffles me that not only are NFL refs ignoring this call that’s right in our faces but they’re admitting to it.

If this happened to the Patriots, I would be rattled.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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