Champions League for Chelsea?

Chelsea have opened up play with two wins since the EPL came alive again post COVID outbreak.

While the outbreak is still going on plenty in the states, across the pond, the Pensioners have had a good form from the jump. You can’t complain about 6 points in 2 games. 3 off a good Man City squad above them in the table is even better.

But what can we expect moving forward as the Blues wrap up fixtures this season?


Chelsea currently sits 4th in the table, a point behind Leicester City and 5 up on Manchester United.

With the upcoming fixture list listing only 2 sides who should challenge Chelsea left, it really should not be a stretch to claim 15 points.

By the time the two most challenging squads left, Wolverhampton and Liverpool, play Chelsea, the league may already be decided for Wolves and for Liverpool it already is. 

Chelsea really should claim about 15 from this crop of fixtures. That would mean Man U or Wolves would need to win out to pass Chelsea in the table. I really do not see that happening.

Chelsea should be able to slide into a Champions League top 4 spot in the table with relative ease at this point, barring a collapse.

Chelsea may even pass Leicester because…

FA Cup and Champions League

Chelsea should maintain at top 4 spot and may even pass Leicester because they won’t have Champions League games anymore.

Bayern already has a 3 goal aggregate edge, and while we do see miracles happen in Champions League, expecting one against the German side is foolish. Chelsea’s main focus needs to be secure a top 4 finish.

The FA Cup could be claimed by Chelsea, by I have a feeling Leicester secures the win when the two sides face off on Saturday, thus eliminating Chelsea from the tournament.

Leicester are a good side and this is a home match for them. Goal differential is usually a better indicator of how good a side is than points, and you can see Leicester has double Chelsea’s goal differential. This typically indicates what side is superior, and I think that rings true here. It will be close, but look for the Foxes to find a way at home.

That loss will also further allow Chelsea to focus on and secure that top 4 finish.

A Good Season

This was expected to be a season of transition for the Blues, and so this result really is encouraging.

Young talent was shown to be very good, if not great, for the side, and Lampard acquitted himself nicely.

This is a side on the rise and should once again compete for a top 4 spot next season.

Hopefully they take the next step back into Europe’s elite with newfound internal talent and transfers, and make a deep Champions League run next season.

This season certainly looks to be a stepping stone for that type of season.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on twitter)

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