Champions League Action! Leg 2 of 2 – Round of 16

Soccer fans around the world right now are buzzing and there are so many reasons why! Starting with the fact that we are getting closer to what could be a phenomenal ending to the Champions League tournament 2020/2021 version.

The Champions League round of 16, second leg is here and it is just part 1 this week but enough to create havoc in the world of soccer. We have some serious matchups happening and lots that could happen between today and tomorrow so let’s get to it right away!

Champions League – Today’s Action!

Juventus Vs. Porto FC. 

Juventus vs FC Porto: Champions League prediction, live stream, TV channel, team news, lineups, h2h, odds | Evening Standard

Earlier in the year when this draw happened, many counted Porto out immediately. I hate to be that guy that says “I told you so” but I did in conversations on The Yellow Card Podcast presented to you by Couch Guy Sports.

While I agree that Juventus is a strong team with too much to handle in Cristiano Ronaldo and company, Porto has shown nothing but true grit throughout this whole competition. Honestly, it has been a lot of fun to watch the Portuguese side give so much fight and it has been awhile, since the days when Mourinho coached this team. The current aggregate is a 2-1 lead for Porto and while this game is at Juventus Stadium, we can expect lots to unfold. Granted, Porto’s recent victory is the first for the Portuguese side when facing Juventus in European competition, there is nothing normal as we all know by now out of 2020 and 2021. I am going with a prediction of a tied game at Juventus Stadium resulting in Juventus elimination from Champions League.

Borussia Dortmund vs. Sevilla FC. 

PS5 / XBSX) FIFA 21 | Dortmund vs Sevilla - UEFA Champions League (Full Next-Gen 4K Gameplay) - YouTube

Like every great Spanish novella, the little guy fights until the end and this could be the same case here for Sevilla against Dortmund today.

Dortmund has opened the gates of hell to a savage in Erling Haaland. The German offensive beast has been on a goal scoring rampage and if the Sevilla don’t play him tough today, it could spell disaster fast for Lotepegui’s army.

Sevilla will need to set the pace early in this game otherwise its game over.

My prediction for this match is that while Sevilla will fight to the last second, Dortmund’s power will be too much to handle and Dortmund advances.


PSG vs. Barcelona

PSG vs FC Barcelona: Champions League prediction, lineups, live stream, TV channel, h2h results, odds | Evening Standard

PSG’s Kylian Mbappe put the whole world on notice last time around by single handedly delivering a massive knock out to Barcelona. In this weeks’ matchup, we can expect that Neymar Jr. will be available and for Barca to contain these two lethal weapons that Pochettino has, it will be a tall task for the Spanish side.

My prediction is that PSG moves forward, and with that it sets a possibility to see the new Messi vs. Ronaldo in Mbappe vs. Haaland.

Liverpool vs. RB Leipzig. 


I wrote enough today about Liverpool LOL!  

While the aggregate shows Liverpool as a clear winner for this next leg with a 2-0 score, I’m not sure we should count out the German side just yet.

RB. Leipzig is currently second in the Bundesliga trailing to Bayern Munich by a couple points. If you have been watching Leipzig, you know that if they come into Puskas Arena with all sorts of confidence and look strong as ever in the first half, disaster could be brewing for Liverpool quickly.

However, if Leipzig manages to stay dormant and flat-lines in the first half than it is all over.

My prediction is that Leipzig will make a comeback un this game and make things interesting. Unfortunately, it will all come down to penalty’s from the spot and this is one of those games where both sides have serious weakness. For starters, Allison Becker’s game hasn’t been the same but this could be a different story today if he feels inspired.

Meanwhile for Leipzig, it could come down to a psychological game and emotions must be in check. In my opinion, this is Leipzig’s game to win.

Final Remarks

Round of 16 second leg brings a strong opportunity for teams that are looking to make moves in the offseason, expect all teams in this round to give a performance of a lifetime to increase their values in the market.

I truly think that final between Bayern Munich and Manchester City is coming to us sooner than later, and this round will help us all embrace for that cardiac impact.

Good luck to all and “may the odds be ever in your favor”.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter)

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