Chaim Bloom: The Next Red Sox General Manager?

The Red Sox have done a terrific job with keeping their G.M. search on the down low since the season ended. We as Red Sox fans have been wondering who the next G.M. will be come the 2020 season. Do they choose to hire within? Will they go outside of the organization? Well, we might have a break in the case. It was reported last night that Chaim Bloom has emerged as a serious candidate to be the next Red Sox general manager.

Who is Chaim Bloom?

Bloom is currently the senior vice president of baseball operations for the Rays. He has been in the role since November of 2016. He has been with the organization for 15 years now. Chaim Bloom has also been a part of creating the “Rays Way” as far as player development is concerned. The point is that this guy has been around baseball for quite some time now. Look at what the Rays did this season with that payroll! There’s a lot to be excited about with this guy. He even has some similar attributes to former Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein. He graduated from Yale in 2004. Epstein is also a Yale graduate. Coincidence? I think not!

The Overall Reaction?

A lot of people seem happy if he were to be hired. There is a lot on paper to like about him. He’s smart, experienced, and ready to take on a general manager position. Bloom was a big part of getting the Rays to where they currently stand today. A young, eager mind in the Red Sox organization running the show? Sign me up!

In Conclusion

The latest shows that the Red Sox are actually close to bringing Bloom aboard.

If he’s as good as advertised, then bring him in here. The Red Sox have a lot of tough decisions to make this off-season. I get the feeling Bloom will know exactly what to do with this Red Sox team. People are excited. The organization seems excited with this guy. Let’s bring into the organization and see what he can do to get the Red Sox back to a World Series contender.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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