Celtics Win The NBA Draft Lottery

There is no way to understate this; the last two nights may have been the most important days in recent Celtic history. It could have gone horribly wrong or unbelievably excellent.  It got off to a good start when the Celtics defeated the Wizards on Monday in Game 7 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, but we will get to that tomorrow. Tonight, it’s about the NBA Draft Lottery and guess what? WE FUCKING WON!!!!! ME AND THE ENTIRE CITY OF BOSTON DID THIS WHEN THAT HAPPEN!

I have no words, I really don’t. This is one of the greatest nights in Boston Celtic history as it is the first time that they have ever had a number one pick. And then add this to the fact that the Celtics won Game 7 the night before and host Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals tomorrow. No words. Me and my fellow Couch Guy Sports writers will be breaking this down for the next month leading up to the lottery and whether the Celtics should keep the pick or trade the pick. But for tonight, breathe it in the Celtics fans. You have the number one overall pick and are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Amazing.

Written By: Steven Santoro (@SVS_1993)


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