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Celtics Bring Sharp Shooter Nik Stauskas into the Fold

The Boston Celtics are playing like a completely different team since the start of the new year. They’re winning games against good quality opponents, such as their latest 126-120 over the Brooklyn Nets; who had both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant playing together. They’re currently 5th in the East and are always looking to add pieces to surround their talented team. On Thursday, they went deep into the trenches of the G-league and signed former 2014 #8 overall pick Nik Stauskas from the Grand Rapids Gold. Stauskas had 57 and 43 points each in his last two games in the G-league before signing with the Celtics.

Who is Nik Stauskas?

Nik Stauskas was the 8th overall pick in the 2014 draft, taken by the Sacramento Kings. He was known for his shooting ability, which helped him become a lottery pick in that very same draft. The 6’6 guard is known as a bust, having played with a handful of NBA teams already. But keep in mind, this was a guy that earned Big Ten Player of the Year honors in 2014. Plus, you don’t put up 57 and 43 points in back to back games for nothing.

Nik Stauskas and How He Can Help the Boston Celtics

The Celtics are always looking for shooters. Ime Udoka has even said that before. With Aaron Nesmith currently out, Stauskas can bring you a shooter off the bench. The Celtics have a couple of good shooters with Grant Williams and Payton Pritchard. But Stauskas can help give you another shooter with some length thrown into the mix as well.

In Conclusion

The Celtics are getting a guy that can only help their cause. Plus, it’s not like Stauskas is here on a three or four year deal. He’s here for the rest of this season and maybe next season, depending how he does with his opportunities for the rest of this season. It’s a win-win for Brad Stevens. Brad’s done a great job so far. Who’s to say this move with Stauskas won’t work out for the Celtics too? We shall see!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: The Boston Globe

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