Candidates For A Sophomore Slump In The NFL

It happens every year. Rookies who transition into their second year in the NFL, will either have a solid season or it’ll be a trainwreck. The sophomore season is the most dreaded season by athletes. Players who perform terribly won’t even be recognizable. Not only that, but the media will have a field day about it. So, who is in danger of a sophomore slump out of the first rounders of the 2020 NFL Draft class? Let’s take a look at the candidates for a sophomore slump in the NFL!

Cornerback Jeff Okudah

One year later, less than half of Lions fans approve of Jeff Okudah pick -  Pride Of Detroit

It shouldn’t be surprising were starting with a Detroit Lion. Jeff Okudah had a less than terrific rookie year. It was cut short due to injury. Now he returns to the Lions with Dan Campbell as head coach. Yikes. Okudah will slowly be forgotten in Detroit after this upcoming season. Once he’s out of Detroit… maybe we’ll see why he was the number three overall pick.

Defensive Lineman Javon Kinlaw

2020 NFL rookies: Javon Kinlaw making progress thanks to football IQ

Javon Kinlaw is the next victim. Why? The 49ers defensive lineman will soon be left behind with Nick Bosa coming back from injury and Arik Armstead still being on the team. Kinlaw only had one and half sacks last year with basically the entire 49ers defensive line out with injuries. Now that everyone is coming back healthy, Kinlaw might not even make a splash on the field.

Wide Receiver Jalen Reagor

Waiver Wire Week 10: Jalen Reagor, Curtis Samuel, Jimmy Graham

There’s just too many questions surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles. What will the offense look like now that it’s officially the Jalen Hurts show? Can new head coach Nick Sirianni make this team a contender? Which receiver will step up to be the number one target for Hurts? Reagor had a less than impressive rookie campaign and honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if year two is any different, maybe even somewhat worse. Only having one touchdown is never a good, no matter who you are. Unless Reagor is used as a kick and punt returner, he very well could have another quiet year in Philly.

Linebacker Patrick Queen

Ravens LB Patrick Queen fired up for 2021: 'Everything's personal now'

Honestly, Patrick Queen had a good rookie year. But, it wouldn’t be surprising if his sophomore season is anything but that. Queen was a tackling machine with 106 total tackles his rookie year. Not bad! But, it’s hard to achieve that every year. With all eyes on the Ravens once again this year as a top team in the AFC, the spotlight will be on Queen as his stats did impress.

Final thoughts

So those are some of the candidates for a sophomore slump in the NFL! But, it’s not always just the first rounders that potentially face the sophomore slump. It’s everyone in their second year. There will definitely be a few surprising players that will have a slump. But for now, those are the names to keep an eye on for the upcoming season!

Images courtesy of: kleverinsight.com prideofdetroit.com ninerswire.usatoday.com athlonsports.com ravenswire.usatoday.com

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter)


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