Burnie and Chris Episode 47

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 47! Immediately we have to hate on Intern Earl due to him once again having technical difficulties. The Sharks are currently on a winning streak! So that mean’s we don’t have to hear Matt complain about the Sharks this week thank God. The Rangers took a fantastic loss against the Vegas Golden Knights which made Chris not so happy. As for the Bruins, they are the hottest team in the NHL right now. But can they keep it up? Only time will tell.

Villanova stays winning and Duke is upset by the Miami Hurricanes. Speaking of upset, the Celtics make us upset. Chris questions if the chemistry between Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are off and Matt is officially on the “Ime Udoka isn’t a good coach” train. This Celtics team needs a true point guard. The Marcus Smart experiment should come to an end, because it has failed. Yes, he has his moments, but we both agree overall it’s not a good fit. In other NBA news, Klay Thompson is officially back for the Golden State Warriors and as basketball fans we love to see it!

In college football we give our thoughts on the College Football Playoff championship game between Georgia and Alabama. The Patriots drop the season finale to the Dolphins and the Giants lose unsurprisingly. What is surprising is that Joe Judge survives black Monday in the NFL. However, there were some who didn’t. We give our thoughts on all of that and preview Super Wild Card weekend and review week 18 of the NFL season.

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 47

  • Intern Earl hate
  • Sharks update
  • Rangers update
  • Bruins update
  • Villanova wins again
  • Duke loses in stunning fashion
  • Celtics update featuring Ime Udoka criticism
  • Klay Thompson is back
  • Georgia vs Alabama
  • Patriots lose
  • Giants lose again
  • Black Monday in the NFL
  • Super Wild Card weekend preview
  • Week 18 review

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