Burnie and Chris Episode 37

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 37! This week we are joined by a special guest! Welcome back Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)! Chris is under attack immediately as the New York Yankees saw their season end to the hands of the Boston Red Sox. Gerrit Cole is overpaid and Chris sounds off about it. As for the Red Sox fans, the party continues on! The Red Sox sent the Tampa Bay Rays packing in a shocking four game series. We review the entire series and give praise to the Red Sox for pulling this off! Also, we give a quick review for the other playoff series’ in the MLB.

Ben Simmons is back in Philadelphia! We know… it makes no sense. But, now we all wait for the next development in this saga between the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons. The Nets told Kyrie Irving to stay away until he can be a full participant! We give our thoughts as to what is next for Kyrie. The NHL is back! To make life easy for all of us, we give our prediction as to who will win the Stanley Cup. You won’t want to miss our thoughts on that!

Down goes Alabama! The Crimson Tide lose on the road to Texas A&M! Oklahoma and Texas turned into a shootout as well as Ole Miss and Arkansas! In the NFL, the Patriots make a comeback against the Texans. Josh McDaniels stunk it up as usual. The Giants lost three key offensive players to injury in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys. Jon Gruden has officially resigned as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Lastly, we review week five of the NFL season!

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 37

  • Yankees lose
  • Rays lose
  • Red Sox move on to the ALCS
  • MLB playoffs update
  • Ben Simmons is back in Philly
  • Kyrie will not play at all
  • Who will win the Stanley Cup
  • Down goes Alabama
  • Red River Rivalry shootout
  • Ole Miss and Arkansas shootout
  • Patriots barely win
  • Josh McDaniels sucks
  • Giants have an injury problem
  • Thoughts on Jon Gruden’s resignation
  • Week five review

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