Burnie and Chris Episode 26

Before we get into Burnie and Chris episode 26, a huge thank you needs to be said. For the past month, the Burnie and Chris twitter page has been exploding with followers and we now have reached 500 followers. Thank you all so much for the support, the love is felt! Anyways, let’s jump into this week’s episode. The Yankees got a cheap victory and a real victory. Yankees fans continue to prove why they are the worst fans in the MLB. Seriously Yankees fans, grow up. The Seattle Kraken are finally getting players on their team this week with the expansion draft. We go over who we think the Kraken will pick to join the team in our mock expansion draft. With the expansion draft, that means teams submitted protection lists. We react to that and tell Bruins fans to relax about Jake DeBrusk being on the list.

The Phoenix Suns are in trouble. They find themselevs down 3-2 in the finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks can close things out in game 6 at home. Wes Unseld is officially the new head coach of the Washington Wizards. Good luck to you Wes! Willie Green, legend of TNT’s “Who He Play For”, a game where Charles Barkley is quizzed on where free agents went in the offseason is officially the coach of the New Orleans Pelicans. Is Green the right coach for this young team? Lastly, in the NFL, we have three teams reporting to training camp this week! That means one thing, FOOTBALL IS BACK! We made it football fans!

One last thing, next week is a very special episode! We highly suggest you tune in next week!

Topics for Burnie and Chris Episode 26

  • The Yankees actually beat the Red Sox
  • Yankees fans are awful people (except Chris!)
  • The Kraken are getting players!
  • NHL Mock Expansion Draft
  • NHL Protection Lists
  • The Suns face elimination
  • Wes Unseld is the coach of the Wizards
  • Willie Green is the coach of the Pelicans
  • Three teams report for training camp in the NFL, FOOTBALL IS BACK!

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