Burnie And Chris Episode 25 (50th overall!)

It’s a milestone today! Officially, today is Burnie and Chris episode 25 (50th overall)! Chris and I want to thank everyone for the continued support! We got some great things coming soon! Chris takea a rare victory lap as Italy wins Euro 2020 in a stunning victory over England. Job well done to both teams! It’s officially the All-Star break in the MLB! We give our thoughts on the first half of the season for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Also, we give our predictions for who will win the Home Run Derby, and we react to some of the first round selections in the MLB Draft. In the NHL, sadly Lightning strikes twice. I guess cheaters do win afterall. Nikita Kucherov is a coward and Matt explains why. Now that this season is over that means one thing… RELEASE THE KRAKEN! We also react to the news that Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko wants out from St. Louis!

In the NBA, we recap the finals so far and why these next two games are critical for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Orlando Magic have a new head coach in Jahmal Mosley, and Matt thinks this is a great fit! Scott Brooks is an assistant coach in Portland… YIKES! Dame is definitely a huge fan of this…. not. The Boston Celtics hire Damon Stoudamire as an assistant head coach which is another great hire by Brad Stevens! Also, team USA needs to get it together before they leave for Tokyo to compete in the Olympics! N’Keal Harry is ready to move on from New England and that’s fine! Mac Jones inks his rookie deal and Aaron Rodgers continues to stay quiet on his future in Green Bay despite Tom Brady and others poking fun at him during the match!

Topics discussed during Burnie and Chris episode 25 (50th overall)

  • MLB First half thoughts
  • Home Run Derby predictions
  • MLB Draft reactions
  • Lighting strikes twice in the NHL
  • Kucherov is a coward
  • Vladimir Tarasenko wants to be traded
  • NBA Finals update
  • Magic hire Jahmal Mosely as their next head coach
  • Scott Brooks is an assistant in Portland
  • Damon Stoudamire is an assistant in Boston
  • Team USA… yikes
  • N’Keal Harry wants out in New England
  • Mac Jones signs his rookie deal
  • Aaron Rodgers update

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